Name: K◆Chlorophyll Toothpaste

Category Name: Health Care
Code: PC022
Price: 900.00

K-Chlorophyll Toothpaste is using the natural ingredients such as chlorophyll and xylitol which provide antioxidant properties, keeping your teeth and gums healthily.

Many people want to obtain that admirable bright confident smile, but how? Lack of greens may hinder us from attaining nourishment for our teeth health. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth harder would not improve your smile as you are wearing away the top thin layer of the gums day by day.

Formulated using natural ingredients such as chlorophyll and xylitol, K-Chlorophyll Toothpaste provides antioxidant properties, while inhibits bacteria and removes plaque, keeping your teeth and gums healthily. The green tea flavoured K-Chlorophyll Toothpaste is SLS-Free and healthier option of xylitol is used to substitute fluoride.

Benefits of K-Chlorophyll Toothpaste Ingredients
• Chlorophyll – Provides natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, while it promotes healing effect on our gum.
• Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – SLS is known as the harmful substance for human skin that causes skin irritation.
• Enriched with Xylitol – Many dentists recommend using xylitol for dental health and prevention of tooth decay.

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